Terms & Conditions

Thanks for interest in a website from Vizually. We are excited to be working with you. Please read this entire contract, as it is binding and governs our relationship.

Our entire team of creative experts are committed to creating an awesome design for you.

However, design is subjective, and we cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with the initial designs, we will work hard to make you happy by performing revisions to the design based on your feedback.

Our two week guarantee does not begin until you, the client, chooses a final layout after all changes have been made. Website design layouts take roughly 7-14 days to procure, but we do not guarantee this amount of time. We will begin development of your site after final layouts are chosen with a two week timeframe. We will do our best to finish all projects within two weeks after you choose a final design layout, but we cannot guarantee this timeline.

If you are unhappy with the final product, we will continue to make changes until you are satisfied. If you’d prefer a refund, we are happy to provide you with your money back, less the amount of the premium WordPress theme that is purchased for each website/blog. If a refund is issued, we will take down the website design that we originally designed. WordPress and all plugins will remain installed and you’ll be able to keep the premium WordPress theme that we purchased for you.

Each website/blog purchase is entitled to five custom layout designs. You will be able to further customize and continue to make changes to our custom layouts until you are satisfied with the product. Once final approval is granted, your website will go into the two week development phase. At this point you won’t be able to make anymore changes until the website is finished, and before we make your site live on your designated domain.

We will only create product descriptions for up to 20 products for Ecommerce websites. Additional products will cost extra.

Sensitive username and login information will need to be provided to us for access to your files and accounts. We request that you change your passwords after your site has been launched. Once the site has been launched, we can no longer be held responsible for any activity within these accounts.

We are not responsible for any missing or corrupted files. We cannot guarantee that any plugins previously installed will work with the premium theme that we use.

Additionally, we will only design and develop a basic custom site with some custom coding. We do not do advanced custom programing.